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Success through experience.

Good strategies don’t just work on paper.

They work in the real world too. This is why the best strategic advisers don’t just know the theory: they really know how to put things into practice too.Dr. Bernd Bohr has more than 30 years’ experience in industry as an innovator and leader. Until 2013, he was head of the largest Business Group of Robert Bosch GmbH.

He now spends his time showing others the way to success.

As an independent consultant, Bernd Bohr develops business strategies that ensure long-term growth. His role effectively combines the perspective of the unbiased outsider with his exceptional, in-depth knowledge of how business actually works. His clientele includes both international corporations and major medium-sized companies.

/ From doctor of engineering to high-ranking leader of industry.

Thomas Waschke, Art Direction Thomas Waschke, Art Direction

Less theory.


Less theory. More practice.

From doctor of engineering to high-ranking leader of industry:

Bernd Bohr began his professional career in 1983 at Robert Bosch GmbH. In the ten years from 2003, he was in charge of the company’s largest business area, the Automotive Group, with a staff of more than 170,000 and sales of 31 billion euros. Since leaving Bosch, Bohr, who is a passionate sailor, holds in a number of Supervisory Bodies.

In his capacity as an independent consultant, however, Bernd Bohr also enables other companies to benefit from his extensive experience and knowledge of industry.

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Thomas Waschke, Art Direction Thomas Waschke, Art Direction

Good questions.


Good questions. Better answers.

Strategic decisions influence a company’s development for many years. This makes it all the more important, then, to ask the right questions when planning for the future – about the actual here-and-now reality, about possible future scenarios, about alternative strategies, and about the robustness of a strategy in the face of new approaches and responses of competitors – the very questions that have not been asked so far. The success of a strategy depends on many factors. One of the most common pitfalls is that of having overlooked some aspect that later proves to be relevant and important.

The form and content of the work we do together can be organized according to your requirements. The only hard-and-fast rule is that you will always be advised by Bernd Bohr personally.

/ Areas of expertise.

Thomas Waschke, Art Direction Thomas Waschke, Art Direction

In-depth know-
ledge. High


In-depth knowledge. High performance.

As a top-level decision-maker, Bernd Bohr has gained in-depth knowledge of how to formulate and implement strategies. Clients can benefit from this expertise in many areas:

Market, customer, and product development
Partnerships and joint ventures
Business acquisitions and the sale of business units
Quality management, executive development, and more

As an adviser to corporations, medium-sized companies, and private equity companies, Bernd Bohr can also draw on valuable expertise:

Unique automotive and engineering expertise that helps pinpoint the opportunities and risks of technological trends
Extensive knowledge of internationalization, for example in the planning and implementation of production and development networks
Decades of experience in dealing with customers and business partners and in initiating and building up new operations

Bernd Bohr can also provide support for family owned companies undergoing a generation change in management. He can plan and oversee this process for you, remaining on hand to provide reliable and impartial advice to the parties involved.

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Thomas Waschke, Art Direction Thomas Waschke, Art Direction

One small
A big impact.


One small click. A big impact.

Are you interested in working in partnership with me? Then simply send me an email to arrange a no-obligation meeting to see what added value my consulting services can create for you.

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Thomas Waschke, Art Direction Thomas Waschke, Art Direction